Why You Need A Website

For a business to have a website is the expectation in today’s society. In fact, it has become the norm even for working professionals and
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For a business to have a website is the expectation in today’s society. In fact, it has become the norm even for working professionals and average individuals. There are several industries, niches, and professional loops in which all must have at least a blog or digital portfolio in order to be taken as serious.

Reaching an online audience requires a sounding ground. Whereas most online communities abhor self-promotion, and each platform has its own rules for participation, you get to set your own rules on your own website. Owning a website gives you more marketing freedom.

The person wise in financial matters, however, knows that following the crowd is not always beneficial. That everyone else is doing it is usually not a good enough reason when it comes to making strategic business decisions. After all, traditional marketing outlets are still available, aren’t they?

Since the best business marketing strategy for any given business is the one that’s optimal for it in light of all its idiosyncrasies, ask yourself what advantages are there for you in investing in a business website. What are you missing out on by not having one?

Here are 3 of the top benefits of having a website for business

  1. Relevance. Gramophones are antiques, but your marketing should not be. Newspaper sales and circulation is so low that many publishers are having to reduce their prices. These days, people are going online to find information. Even cable television is losing viewers in the face of online streaming. You have to be where your potential customers are in order to grab their attention – having a website enables you to do just that.
  2. Communication. Now that the internet is accessible through smartphones, people are more prone to do research on a business instead of or before calling to ask questions. Customer expectations in all industries have evolved to the extent that making online communications an option causing your business to instantly be perceived as delivering better customer service. Live chat and automated ticketing systems can only be had on a website.
  3. Freedom. Social media marketing is meant to send traffic and buyers through to your website where you can close the deal. Channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube can never suffice as your stand alone online business presence platform. On your own website, you get to communicate all the idiosyncrasies of your brand in any way you consider most fitting.

The satisfied and complacent companies who have no desire to improve revenue may not find a need to expand their reach to the internet. However, having an awesome, high-converting website is a must for all growth-minded business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, artists, or anyone with a product and/or service to sell. It can be the key to success for anyone who has a passion for business, and who wants to share with their target audience the love of what they do.  

If you are interested in talking to someone about the benefits of having your own business website, please feel free to contact Seven Seas Web Design. We can expound on the pros and cons for your unique business situation and provide you with a no-obligation quote for service –  if ownership proves to be the right move for you, that is.


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