Managed Email Marketing Service

Managed Email Marketing Service

The feeling of pride that comes when your website first starts getting big traffic is highly motivating. A lot of work goes into attracting an online audience. Seeing those orders begin to flow in from the web justifies your faith that online marketing works well for your small business.

SEO, pay-per-click advertising, and social media marketing are a few of the most popular ways to promote a business website online. The core idea behind them is that the website visitors attracted through the use of these methods will become customers – a tiny percentage of them anyway. Managed email marketing service empowers you to go deeper with your visitors, converting more and getting better results.  

Magnify Your Marketing

You look at the numbers. Perhaps one percent of your website visitors moves forward with buying from you – two if you’ve done great at optimizing, but what about the rest? What the numbers don’t reveal is who those lost visitors are or how to reach them after they navigate away.

 Just because a person visits your website and then leaves without taking action is no reason to assume that he or she won’t become your customer. The internet makes it easy for people to shop around. It has become common practice to gather information about several businesses and compare them before making a decision.  

 Managed email marketing service gives you an opportunity to strengthen the impact your website makes on your potential customers – they get more exposure to your brand and you get more opportunity to teach them why they should choose you instead of the other guy.

Here are a few of the benefits of email marketing for small business:

  • Boost brand awareness

  • Strengthen customer loyalty

  • Win over potential customers

  • Undermine the competition

  • Sell more

 One of the biggest challenges of internet marketing for small businesses is how to get website visitors to convert into paying customers. Managed email marketing service is a powerful solution for connecting with more of your audience. Winning them over in a more personal way.

But, what is email?

 At Seven Seas, we’ve discovered that many business owners who are used to only traditional marketing methods and offline business don’t understand what email is. Oftentimes, this limits their ability to move forward with would otherwise be a very lucrative method of customer acquisition.

 An email address is not a website, as websites are generally accessible to the public but an email account is private to whoever owns it. Email is an electronic way of sending and receiving messages – it’s the virtual equivalent of the postal mail system. In the old days, you’d send a letter. Today, we use email – no stamps or envelopes required.

How Can You Use Email to Get More Value from Your Website Traffic?

 Getting traffic to a business website is one challenge and getting that traffic to return is quite another. The more a brand resonates with its potential customers, the more likely those customers are to buy from that brand and be loyal to it, but a relationship is needed first.

 Of course, some website visitors will buy in the first go-round. Such users can be relatively rare.

 After all, it’s smart to be a careful spender, isn’t it? Signing up to an email mailing list is a free and attractive offer that more people will agree to. Once you have their email address, you can use a series of strategic messages to further the relationship – and that’s what email marketing is all about.

 With email marketing, you get to convert many of the website visitor who otherwise might not have bought from you, bringing you more revenue from the website traffic that you’re already getting.

Email Marketing Solutions for Small Business

Marketing through email is an artful skill that can take a lot of time to master. Through our managed email marketing service, however, Seven Seas can help you avoid the bouts of trial and error.

 We use Mailchimp to expedite and enhance your results. This email marketing software is great for small business thanks to its powerful tools and affordable pricing. We can integrate your website with Mailchimp so that visitors can subscribe to your list.

From there, we work with you to create, implement, and manage your email marketing strategy. Seven Seas’ managed email marketing service for small business gets results. Contact us today.


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