Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

If your website isn’t regularly updated and managed, it stops being effective. Not only will you attract less visitors to the site over time, you won’t provide any value to the clients you already have. More importantly, a dormant website poses a security risk because the software that powers the website changes over time. We will run updates on the software and ensure the website always works properly so you can focus your time on running and growing your business. Security is a major priority. Even major companies like Experian and Capital One have experienced data breaches. We will identify vulnerabilities on your website and in the software that powers it to help ensure no one hacks or attacks the site because we know that a data breach can wreak havoc on a business and cost them money and customers.

WordPress Core Updates

We update WordPress every week, so you always have the newest version of the software.

Full Site Backups

We backup your entire site each week so you don’t have to worry about losing any of your content.

Security Monitoring

We monitor your website to make sure it is secure and to  eliminate vulnerabilities as soon as they happen.