Experience the bliss of being catapulted towards the achievement of your business goals. The internet is a place full of possibilities, but you have to take the right approach. Seven Seas’ suite of solutions keeps your business moving forward.

Your website is the foundation of your online business presence - it’s the place where you can build a more solid relationship with your potential customers, transforming them into buyers. With a strong brand and effective search optimization, you’ll be positioned to take the marketplace by storm. A strategic approach is necessary for attracting the right audience. After all, you want not just any attention but to captivate people who fit the description of your ideal clientele. Choose Seven Seas. Maximize the returns you get from your investment into your online business presence. Keep your website running smoothly. And keep your audience coming back for more.

Small Business Web Design

Not just any old website can do the job, however - you want one that is the most effective. We stake our reputation on your being completely satisfied and make the design and development process hassle-free and even exciting for you.

Custom Written Content

What good is the most compelling blog post or article if nobody ever reads it because it’s not found in search? At Seven Seas, we write content that both ranks and converts. Want proof? You’re reading it now.

Branding Services

A business’ brand consists of more than just a logo. You want comprehensive brand design services that can capture all the unique meaning and value in your business. Have all that your business stands for communicated in a succinct, stylish, and attractive way.

Marketing Consulting

How long does it take to learn digital marketing? Some people have been at it for years and they are still not seeing the results that they want. The issue, of course, is that they failed to get help from a proven expert.

SEO Services

What happens when the website of a local small business finally begins to rank on the first page of Google for search terms its potential customers are using? Yes, record-breaking revenue.

Google Business Listings

Millions of small businesses continue to struggle to get their company websites appearing high in Google. A fast and effective way to achieve the goal is professional Google business listing optimization.

Email Marketing

The feeling of pride that comes when your website first starts getting big traffic is highly motivating. A lot of work goes into attracting an online audience. Seeing those orders begin to flow in from the web justifies your faith that online marketing works well for your small business.

Managed Hosting

There are a lot of technical aspects that contribute to website speed and performance. No matter how fast your website is coded to be, its uptime and execution remains influenced by the server it’s on.

Social Media Integration

Integrate your website with Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and more. Add functionality to your website that fits seamlessly into your theme and encourages your audience use it.

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