How to Promote Your Business on Social Media

There’s tons of potential in promoting your business on social media. It can boost your website traffic, sales, and even reputation. Seeing profitable results requires organized, knowledge-based action. It may be tempting to just push your promotions out there, much like casting a wide net, but if you learn how to promote your business on social media in an efficient way.

What Makes a Good Business Website?

Your business website should be more than an online brochure; an excellent business website reduces your workload, helping your business to produce more revenue and satisfy more customers. It should expand your reach and draw the attention of all the right people. Find out what makes a good business website.

8 Great Small Business Email Marketing Strategies

Great small business email marketing strategies are like champions equipped with two-edge swords; they help you get more value from existing customers while working to attract new customers. This empowers the business to get more from its marketing and customer acquisition investments.

What is SEO, How Does it Work, and Can You Rank a Web Page Without It?

What is SEO? It is a method of positioning your website on the right ‘street’ of the digital world and ensuring that your ‘signage’ is potent enough to attract all the right people. Your business website gets optimized so that it earns the placement that’s most productive for your goals - but how is that done?

3 Benefits Smartphones Bring Locally-Owned Small Businesses

This year’s iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy s7 releases have left some people wondering which brand delivers the best smartphones for small business - Android phones are known for their value and versatility while an iOS phone for business is for style, durability, and reputation.

Revealed: The 7 Do's of Small Business Internet Marketing for 2017

Transforming your small business internet marketing for 2017 is an essential step If you want to increase the customer volume, profit, and competitiveness of your business - even if you are only focusing on the local market. As every successful business owner knows, planning ahead and planning smart is the best way to get ahead.

How to Get More Website Visibility from Google Maps

Trying to attract an audience full of potential customers to your website can be a daunting task thanks to fierce competition and the ever-changing rules of SEO. According to Internet Live Stats, there are more than 1 billion websites online. And that number grows by hundreds every day.

How Much is Too Much to Pay for a Website?

Some customers end up turning down a great deal because they fail to see the value in owning a business website and the cost of having it built by an expert. While it’s true that what some people pay for a website is far too much, paying too little also has its downsides. What’s needed is a middle ground that strikes that perfect balance between value and price.

Small Business Website Design and SEO: The Crucial Checklist

Factors like tougher competition and a tighter budget can make ranking a small business website high in search more challenging than promoting the site of a larger corporation. Nevertheless, a strong online presence has the power to transform humble companies whose reach was once limited to their locale; those places where the employees, if any, are likely to know all the customers by name.

Top 3 Benefits of Business Website Ownership

Reaching an online audience requires a sounding ground. Whereas most online communities abhor self-promotion, and each platform has its own rules for participation, you get to set your own rules on your own website. Owning a website gives you more marketing freedom.

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