Creative Marketing Campaigns That Teach Us Valuable Lessons

5 Creative Marketing Campaigns That Teach Us Valuable Lessons

When you’ve started up your own small business you need a solid marketing campaign. You may think that building a marketing campaign will eat into your budget but that isn’t necessarily the truth. 

There are secret lessons that you can learn from strong marketing campaigns that are highly effective. And the smart aspect about it is that these marketing strategies won’t be expensive to run. You simply need to think outside of the box to put your small business on the map. 

 Now, let’s take a look at the following secret lessons from 5 creative marketing campaigns

Secret Lesson 1: Social Media Business Accounts

Social media platforms are excellent and cost-effective ways to market your business. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram now allow you to create business accounts. Business accounts are very different from standard social media accounts as they provide you with the following beneficial features:

  • Effectively research your competition via social media search engines

  • Set social media goals such as page views, likes and interactions

  • View the stats of your page 

  • Allow your specific target audience to interact with you 

  • Post content that directs traffic straight to your website

You can also create ads that you can boost so they can appear on your target market’s social media pages. These ads will direct audiences to your page. Your social media platforms are where you can post relevant content such as videos, podcasts and images that fit your brand. Customer care is also easier on your social media platforms. You can communicate with your audience to find out what they like or dislike about your product. Facebook allows audiences to review business pages so be sure to always give high-quality services so you’re able to keep your ratings above four stars. 

Secret Lesson 2: Catching People’s Attention with Urban Marketing

Do you want to capture the attention of people on busy streets? The way you can achieve this is by implementing urban marketing into your strategy. This is a fun way to get people to notice your brand and target younger consumers. 

 Urban marketing can be done in many ways but it’s typically to advertise your brand on busy streets. A popular way to capture the attention of people passing by is using a human billboard. Human billboards are highly energetic people who use small-scaled branded billboards to do flip and spinning tricks. 

 You can also implement urban marketing in the following ways: 

  • Employ people dressed in bright colors that represent your brand to hand out flyers 

  • Pop up stores on the corners of busy streets

  • Decorating trucks with your logo and placing them on the corners of busy roads

  • Painting manholes, walls and street lamps with your branding. 

If you want to go bigger and bolder try an element of art young audiences will love such as graffiti and paint a large scale wall with your brand.

Secret Lesson 3: Hosting Competitions

People love free products and services. By creating competitions you gain more traffic on your website and social media pages. 

Most marketing competitions consist of asking your audience to refer friends to your social media or landing pages in order to be entered into a draw to win a prize. Because people love winning they engage effectively with this method making it an excellent way to grow your network. 

But competitions don’t have to be limited to your social media pages. Head out to festivals and host competitions where there is lots of foot traffic. Think how many people you can reach at comic cons and music festivals. 

Be sure to keep business cards handy that display your contact details and links to your social media sites so you can easily source new business.

Secret Lesson 4: Use Different Content to Market Your Brand

Use multimedia advertising to create brand awareness. You can use traditional advertising platforms such as magazines and newspapers. You could even develop your very own corporate online magazine that you can offer to anyone who subscribes to your website. Who says small startups can’t have brand logos with all the trimmings within their budget?

 In your digital magazine, you can discuss topics that are relevant to your brand. Or you can write blogs that will spark the interest of your followers. Multimedia advertising can be in the form of: 

  • Podcasts about your brand 

  • Video content on visual advertising 

  • Short animations about your company

  • Use images to showcase the behind the scenes aspects of your company

Secret Lesson 5: Online Games for Marketing

A new trend is creating marketing gaming apps your audience can download to their smartphones. Use a gaming app that allows the player to win instant prizes and exclusive information on new services and products you have to offer. 

Final Thoughts

There are myriads of marketing campaigns you can utilize. And each one of them has a secret key that allows you to get ahead of all your competitors; if you utilize them correctly. And the advantages of these marketing campaigns are that they’re inexpensive and highly effective. Take a chance on any of the above campaigns and see how it sets you apart from the rest. 

Author Bio 

As digital content expert Anna Knowles likes to spread her knowledge and love for the digital media. Her aim is to partner with small businesses and startups, and help them grow their enterprise with dynamite content. 


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